Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sneak Peek at the Spare Bedroom before/after


Unfortunately there are no really detailed "before" photos of the walls and their condition. I can assure you that they looked like they had been imported from afghanistan. The patching and sanding on this room alone took me an eternity.... or so it seemed. The paint on the floor was also an issue. It too much longer to heat and scrape that off than I ever expected. Here are some after shots........

There is only one coat of finish on the floor in these shots and as you can see, it is still drying. I will hit it with 3 more this week and we should be moving the furniture in a week after that. The blue was hard to capture with the light coming in the windows, but it is somewhere between a robin's egg and a Tiffany's box.


crouchinggreys said...

the bedroom looks amazing. Love the color. It reminds me of the seashore. Very clean and crisp. And who found that spectacular table?????????????

Fred said...

Fantastic B&A pics. We refinished a floor about a year ago that was in very similar shape to this one. There's just something about restoring wood floors that it so incredibly rewarding.