Sunday, June 15, 2008

Ok, so there are many projects afoot

I am currently working on many different projects at once. Dining room, final punch list in the living room, the spare bedroom floors and walls, a contractor is coming to do the front steps, and the second tier of the rock wall terrace. WIth all of this on my plate, I am feeling much pressure to begin pointing the brick on the house. This pressure is mostly from sweeping up the newly dissolved mortar that has fallen onto the walkways week after week. I also seem to have a carpenter bee problem as I have seen them burrowing into the mortar on the front of the house. I have been taking pictures of the current state of the brick and doing some reading on how to properly do the work. I am going to do this little by little as I have with all the other projects. Here is a great link that I found to an article on This Old House's website on repointing brick. You may love it!

Click here for the article

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Jennifer said...

Ooo... I am getting up the courage to "deal" with repointing and repair and all that. Thanks for the article!