Thursday, April 3, 2008




Gary Approves So Far

With one coat of Waterlox Original

So the floors in the living room are almost finished and I had some wavering confidence in how they would turn out. The floors are pine and were polyurethaned a long time ago. Pine and poly do not get along as the pine likes to breath. After a time, the poly will crack, chip and flake off leaving you with bare spots. (You can see this in the first photo above) This floor had some damage to it from the lack of proper care. There was a beautiful pumpkin orange patina though, and I was reluctant to sand it down to "new wood". Considering the damage, the thick poly that was there and the need to open the wood up for the new penetrating oil, I had to take it down some. It was the most responsible choice for the life of the wood. I used a high end dual action sander with a HEPA vac by Festool. This is a very high quality piece of machinery. There was literally no dust whatsoever while I was doing this work and I felt very lucky to have it. It gave me far more control than if I had a commercial sander which is much more aggressive.

I am using Waterlox Original Sealer and I will top coat with Waterlox Satin. These products are designed to penetrate the wood much like an oil, and at the same time seal the wood but with breathability. Here is a link to their site....I feel I can endorse them because I am having success with their product. I also think that the results so far are worth the $120 per gallon price tag. This is a very good product. I will post some final pictures when the top coats are completed. There are 4 coats in all; 2 Original and 2 Satin. More to come on this...........

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crouchinggreys said...

WoW!!! the floor looks wonderful, what a difference! The color is perfect. I'm so glad Gary likes it, that is very important. Keep up the great work. I can't wait to see the colors for the dining room. What a wealth of information for anyone who doesn't know about these pine floors. You are educating many people.